Born in north western Vermont, some years in Connecticut, and back in Vermont 22 years. BA in Professional Studies & a BA in Art from Johnson State College, VT.

Town Planner, Auditor, & Town Agent.

Hobbies include; gardening, cooking, poetry, photography, bird watching, creating, and volunteering for environmental causes.

I specialize in rentals, sales, and listings of properties for sale and have worked for eighteen years in this office.

Living the Vermont Dream; wilderness, privacy, mountain setting, brook and waterfall sounds from across the road; even monastery bells floating up the mountain at various times. Lots of snow in winter to keep reminding me of where I live. Rattling Beach tree leaves all winter long. The sound of massive rocks crashing in the spring thaw from the brook. Fragrant mountain earth smell after the snow melts as the earth begins to wake. Green moss and lichen in a Boreal setting, blooming.
Let me help you find your Vermont Dream.